Meet our Massage and Skin Care Specialists


Marlayna McKinley

Marlayna has been doing massage for over 15 years. Her goal is to make everyone she sees experience the true feeling of total relaxation.  She uses the long gliding effleurage strokes of massage to take you in to the zone of ultimate relaxation.

Marlayna is a managing esthetician, licensed by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology specializing in massage for relaxation.  She is certified by the State Board of Cosmetology to do full body Swedish massage.  She also holds certification from the National Institute of Massotherapy of Akron, Ohio.


Melissa ruBino

Melissa Rubino is another of Marchell’s LLC Relaxation and Skin Care Specialists whose massaging touch is much appreciated by the muscles and tissues of the face.  Melissa is an energetic technician who is result-driven and ensures Total Relaxation while cleansing and conditioning your skin. She brings over 10 years of professional experience, with certification as an Advanced Cosmetologist. Melissa’s goal is always for the client to experience a pleasant and relaxing Sensory Journey as her clients receive their skincare service.


jenell blackmon

Jenell 'Coco' Blackmon is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She is a muscle manipulator who will concentrate on the deeper layers of muscles and tissues under the skin. Coco incorporates Hot Stones to increase the relaxation results of massage.